We at Sand Flower Trading and Project Development Co.W.L.L. Offers a wide array of services to our loyal clienteles. Given below is a list of our services.


Supply of sweet Water

We are one of the pioneer organizations in water supply for different purposes. Sweet water can be supplied in bulk to different work sites and camps within the span of Qatar. Water is being supplied using a fleet of tankers and with highly skilled professionals to supervise the operation.

Supply of Non-portable water

Water is an asset there are ways and means to preserve water. One way of preserving water would be, to minimize its utilisation by using non-portable water for miscellanueos purposes. The source of water supply would be sea water.


Collection and disposal of sewage

The sewage in your work site or camp etc. Could be removed and disposed by us in a proper manner using highly equipped machineries and trained staffs

Skip Loaders and compactors

Waste materials and litters in any place could be collected using skip boxes we have the required skip boxes with different sizes and the vehicles which can remove the box once its filled.


Sand flower has emerged itself to a one stop destination for all of your property dealings and requirement in Qatar. We can help u to buy, sell or lease land apartments, villas and labor camps etc.

  • Heavy equipment rentals
  • Transportation

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